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Located just 50 miles east of the San Francisco coast, Great Pacific Nut Company resides in one of the most fertile growing regions in the state of California. In this corner of the San Joaquin Valley, warm summer days join cool coastal breezes to help us and our growers produce great tasting nuts. In and around Great Pacific Nut Co. you can find an abundance of walnut and almond orchards, cherry and apricot orchards, corn and tomato fields, vineyards and wineries. Our variety of crops is a testament not only to our great growing conditions but to the excellent farmers that call our region home.

Great Pacific Nut Company was founded in September of 2012 by Reece Farms. It’s purpose was to create an avenue to sell our farms growing annual walnut crop directly to domestic and foreign consumers. Now, we are fortunate enough to represent other growers in the region. Our family has been involved in California farming since 1880 when our great grandparents, Domonic and Veronia Bogetti, settled in Ventura, CA to begin their farming career growing walnuts and wine grapes. They would eventually move to Tracy, CA in 1930 to grow almonds and apricots. Two generations later our father would be born. But our mom’s great grandfather, Henry Long, first introduced the family to the San Joaquin Valley. It all began in 1901 with the purchase of his first ranch in French Camp, CA. Henry quickly realized that much opportunity lay within the fertile soil along the San Joaquin River. His first planting in the early 1900’s consisted mainly of wheat and other dry crops, and soon the farming operation was under way. With the advent of advanced irrigation systems, both families began to grow more complex produce such as asparagus and sugar beets. This crop rotation continued through the hard times during The Great Depression and into the 1940’s. With the onset of WWII came new types of produce. Tomatoes and corn began to appear on the farm. These types of crops would participate in the annual crop rotation to this day. Over the last decade the latest generation brought a new crop to the old ranch. The opportunity to grow walnuts presented itself in 2004 and it didn’t take long for the family to realize their ability to grow orchard crops. Over the past eight years the farm has continued to plant walnuts in conjunction with other historic field crops. As a result of our expanded walnut plantings Reece Farms began to develop relationships within the walnut sales industry. Our early success has resulted in the farms latest addition to the ranch, Great Pacific Nut Company.

With four generations of farming under its belt our family is committed to putting the same hard work and persistence into Great Pacific Nut Company. Just like the ranch, we continue to evolve with the passion of each generation. Great Pacific Nut Company now gives us the ability to bring what we are most proud of, our crop, directly to the people that enjoy it most. That’s what makes us happy, that’s what gives us our passion.

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